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Are you looking for investment opportunities in real estate but financing and large down payments are holding you back? Do you want to learn how professionals invest so that you can acquire multiple streams of income quickly and easily? Get in touch with Guida Homes and we will explain how owning investment property is far easier than you ever thought possible!

  • You don’t have to put 25% down to purchase a non-owner occupied home as most lenders will require.
  • You don’t have to go through the extensive process to obtain a bank loan at all.
  • No need to jump through the hoops of lenders and provide them with every financial detail of your life!
  • Learn the most powerful strategy for creating cash flow in real estate that exists.
  • Fully managed investments by Guida Homes are an option if desired, or, if preferred, we will teach you how to manage the investment yourself.


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Investor Reviews:

“RockSolid Properties and Guida Homes have been a joy to work with. I have found them to be very thorough and trustworthy. Their advice and personal perspective is well researched and helpful in making decisions to invest. In addition, there is always clear disclosure of the costs associated with every investment opportunity. I continue to look forward to doing business with them in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in real estate investment.”

–Victor Turpaud, Denver, CO


“Working with RockSolid Properties, Guida Homes, and Anthony has been terrific! Anthony knows the in and outs of various real estate options, creating win-win solutions for investment property owners and buyers. We are thrilled with our investment home and with Anthony’s thorough and thoughtful handling of so many details. Excellent communication, and explanation. Highest recommendation!!”

–Dave and Jodie Slayton, Woodland Park, CO